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When should I contact you?

Call us anytime! 
The quicker we get your return filed and accepted, the quicker you get your refund!
What should I bring to our appointment?
Please bring all of your W-2s, 1099s, social security cards, and any other vital tax records required to prepare and complete your return. For new clients, please bring a copy of your past two years tax returns. This helps us to have a guide from which to start, and we frequently find overlooked items on past returns. These overlooked items may result in our filing an amended return for past years, as well as recovering refunds due for those years. Finally, bring a cancelled check or savings account data so we can get your refund direct deposited as quickly as possible.
What should I bring if I have a business?
In addition to the above items, bring a breakdown of sales and expenses. Break your expenses down into major categories. Please do not bring a shoebox full of receipts! If you are a Quickbooks user, bring a copy of your QB file. Please call us with any questions.
When will I get my return?
We strive to provide your returns back to you within three to five days of receiving all data necessary to properly prepare them. We will electronically file your return immediately upon your acceptance and signature of the E-File form. Refunds which are designated to be direct deposited generally arrive within seven to fourteen days of IRS acceptance of the return.
Do you offer Rapid Refund or Refund Anticipation Loans?
Absolutely not! Why? The big national franchised tax preparation firms LOVE these products. Why? They charge the taxpayer anywhere between ten and twenty-five percent of YOUR refund for these loans! With the quick turnaround the IRS performs with direct deposit, we think that those outrageous fees the 'Big Boys' charge would be better in YOUR bank account, not theirs! It's YOUR money...why not keep it?

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